美 ['gɪvɪŋ]英 ['gɪvɪŋ]
  • v.给;送给;让步;交给
  • n.弹性;伸展性
  • 网络给予;礼物;给予物



v. n.


1.[t]给;交给to hand sth to sb so that they can look at it, use it or keep it for a time

2.[t][i]赠送;赠与;送给to hand sth to sb as a present; to allow sb to have sth as a present

3.[t](为某人)提供,供给,供应to provide sb with sth


4.[i][t]捐助;捐赠;捐款to pay money to a charity, etc., to help people

5.[t](为获得某物或做某事而)支付,付款to pay in order to have or do sth

视为重要treat as important

6.[t]将(时间、精力等)用于to use time, energy, etc. for sb/sth


7.[t]使受…惩罚to make sb suffer a particular punishment


8.[t]把(疾病)传染给to infect sb with an illness


10.[t]~ sth表演;公开进行to perform sth in public

做;产生do/produce sth

11.[t]~ sth(与名词连用描述某一动作,意义与该名词相应的动词相同)used with a noun to describe a particular action, giving the same meaning as the related verb

12.[t]~ sb sth使产生(某种感觉)to produce a particular feeling in sb

电话telephone call

13.[t]~ sb sth给(某人)打(电话)to make a telephone call to sb


14.[t]~ sb/sth sth.~ sth (to sb/sth)给…评定(等级)to judge sb/sth to be of a particular standard

预计多长时间predict how long

15.[t]~ sb/sth sth预计将持续(…时间)to predict that sth will last a particular length of time

体育运动in sport

16.[t]~ sb/sth + adj.裁定,判(球员或球所处位置)to say that a player or the ball is in a particular position


17.[i](在压力下)弯曲,伸长to bend or stretch under pressure

18.[i]让步;妥协to agree to change your mind or give up some of your demands


大多数含 give 的习语,都可在该等习语中的名词及形容词相关词条找到,如 give rise to sth 在词条 rise 的名词部分。Most idioms containinggive are at the entries for the nouns and adjectives in the idioms, for example,give rise to sth is atrisen.

dont give me that

(表示不相信对方说的话)别跟我来这一套,别以为我会相信你used to tell sb that you do not accept what they say

give and take

互相让步;双方迁就to be willing, in a relationship, to accept what sb else wants and to give up some of what you want

give as good as you get

回敬;回击;以牙还牙to react with equal force when sb attacks or criticizes you

give it up (for sb)

鼓掌表示支持(某人)to show your approval of sb by clapping your hands

give me sth/sb (any day/time)

我宁愿;我更喜欢;我宁可选择used to say that you prefer a particular thing or person to the one that has just been mentioned

give or take (sth)

相差不到;出入至多if sth is correctgive or take a particular amount, it is approximately correct

give sb to believe/understand (that)…

使某人相信;使某人理解to make sb believe/understand sth

I give you…

我提议为(某人)干杯used to ask people to drink a toast to sb

I/Ill give you that

我承认这事有理;我承认这是事实used when you are admitting that sth is true

what gives?

发生了什么事;有什么消息what is happening?; what is the news?


G 给予(giving):将你的时间、你积极的想法、 你的善心和你所能拿得出的所有东西慷慨地带给周围的人。 H 幸福观(happiness)…


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